Salisbury City Ordinances

Salisbury City Ordinances are rules established by the City Council to govern exterior aesthetic property maintenance on properties that lie within the city limits.
You may not know some of the rules, so we have listed them for your convenience. Also, tenants are required to adhere to City Ordinances per most lease agreements.

  1. No indoor furniture is allowed outside specifically in yards or on front porches.
  2. No cars can be parked on front lawns.
  3. No untagged vehicles are permitted to be parked on the property.
  4. No weeds are allowed in City sidewalk adjacent to your property.
  5. Grass may not be in excess of 8 inches.
  6. Snow must be shoveled from City Sidewalks within a 24 hour period of snowfall ceasing.
  7. No trash or rubbish is allowed to accumulate on the property for any reason.
  8. No large items such as couches or appliances are allowed to be set out on the street for hauling unless you have made special arrangements with the City Service Center.
  9. Trash cans must be stored where they can not be seen from the street. Trash cans must be put out the night before trash pick up and removed from the street by the following morning.